Friday, October 20, 2006

It's Over

Final Ryerson Days, Part I: The Review

A little while back I joined this new thing called RyersOnline. For more than six weeks, I tirelessly worked towards making the website something worth visiting. To call my time working on RyersOnline a complete failure would be excessively negative. My time working on RyersOnline was a complete failure.

Did anything I do on the site matter? No. Did people check our website on a regular basis? No. Do people know about our website? No. Who cares about RyersOnline? No.

(O.K., the last answer doesn't make sense; I was just trying to continue the parallel structure.)

O.K., it wasn't that bad. I genuinely enjoyed working with the broadcast group I was drafted to liaison with. And I genuinely enjoyed working with Pam Lam, who is a better journalist than she gives herself credit for being.

But after six weeks of working harder than I should have, I was disappointed by the questions of the new, incoming masthead. Questions like: Which liaison partner has the least amount of work?; How many hours will I have to spend here?; Can I do most of this from home?; and so on.

On Monday this week, one of the new mastheaders interrogated me as to what I've been doing for the last six weeks. I should have assured her I've been doing more than she'll attempt in her six weeks at the helm of RyersOnline.

And so Part I: The Masthead is finished for me. Part II: The Internship starts Monday. Part III: The God Awful Final Semester starts in January when I return to Ryerson. Until then, I'll be staying far away from campus. Far, far away.



Kerry said...

If it's any consolation, had you stayed in print you would have had to have put up with John Miller for a full 13 weeks. And fortunately, I managed to get out of that.

kaitlyn said...

Also, if it's any consolation, pretty much every person I have spoken to is disillusioned and angry with our program.

Internships are WAY better than school.

nicole said...

You make me sound so bad :P