Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Journal

Dishonesty: The Best Way

Part of my responsibilities on the RyersOnline masthead is to write a weekly journal about what I have worked on. Yawn.

What's been asked of us is to be honest and candid, but no person genuinely wants honesty or candidness. Both usually are painful to take, and most people can only accept mild doses.

If I were to be honest and candid in this week's journal, I'd write the following:

-I'm disappointed in RyersOnline and if someone asked me today if they should join the stream, I'd caution them against it. Keep in mind, I've only been on the masthead for less than five weeks.

-I have received no support from my masthead members when I've taken risks with editorials. Both of my masthead-ers have supported me privately, then when the instructor challenged me, both of my masthead-ers showed no support.

-I write a roundup of news on other school campuses; I link to other sites and their stories. Last week, a link to the Eyeopener's "Fuck You John Miller" editorial was removed from my roundup, because that editorial regarded a small issue effecting a few people. Then two days after I had been censored, RyersOnline ran the Ryersonian editorial in response to the Eyeopener. That made a lot of fucking sense.

-Nobody responds to RyersOnline editorials because they are yellow, coward pieces that stay on the fence, saying nothing and meaning less.

When it comes to those weekly journals, the only thing keeping me from being honest, is the truth.



Kerry said...

Thank you for affirming that I made the right choice.

kaitlyn said...

In addition to my complete and utter lack of internet design skill, one more reason to never second-guess my decision not to go into online.

Good grief. It seems like everyone has a bone to pick with Ryerson these days. Myself included. Let's graduate the heck outta here already.

Czobit said...

Glaring errors throughout. Sorry about that. I was in a rush.

Kerry and Kait, you both made the right choice.

I can hardly wait until this year is finished. Only a few more months.

Laura said...