Thursday, October 26, 2006

Summer Internship?

The Deadlines Approach

Over the last week, I've received forwarded e-mails from the School of Journalism secretary about summer internships; the deadlines to apply span from November to December.

First came the Toronto Star and Reuters applications, which I promptly deleted (by mistake). And then today, I (actually, we -- the journalism students) received the details of the Victoria Times-Colonist. There'll be more to come in the next few weeks; details from the Globe and Mail, the National Post, Maclean's, Canadian Press, and probably some others.

I haven't yet decided on where I'll apply and (maybe I should delete "(by mistake)" from the paragraph above, because) I haven't yet decided if I'll apply to any of the options above.

Landing an internship at any of those publications will probably help me land a full-time newspaper job (with the exception of Maclean's) somewhere, but I'm no longer too keen on being a newspaper journalist.

When I made the switch to the Online Stream in April, I did so for a varitety of reasons I've discussed before (I'll avoid discussing them again), but I didn't make the switch because I didn't want to work as a newspaper journalist.

Back in the summer, I worked a short-stint of three long days on CP's Ontario Desk, and came to the realization that I have no desire to live the lifestyle of the newspaper journalist. There are healthier lifestyles that demand less on the mind. Being a newspaper journalist is harder work than I'm prepared to do. (Not that other forms of journalism are easier, but I find other forms of journalism more agreable.)

(And so, by writing the above, even if I do apply, with the high-searchability of this weblog, I'm sure I'll disqualify myself from any newspaper internships.)

Regardless, I have a vision of what I'll be doing in journalism (if I do anything), and it's more in the longer, magazine-vane. A job at a newspaper is a great learning experience, but it fails as something that will guarantee what I do want. Having copy butchured, and reporting time set at 'Minimum,' hardly replicates having a voice or time with a magazine feature.

It would seem that I should have streamed into Magazine at Ryerson, but there was something I wanted that Magazine didn't offer: an internship.



kaitlyn said...

I thought about applying for Reuters London until I saw that you had to have fluency in a second language. Somehow I don't think French 101/201, or advanced high school Spanish count.

What I hate is that all of those summer postings are called "internships" even though they're looking for graduates. Can we just get a job offer already?

Czobit said...

Oh, no, first we have to work for a wage less than full-time employees to prove that we can do the work they suck at doing.