Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Think Negative

Take A Look On The Bleak Side, It May Help

I've often been accused of being a pessimist. What I don't get is why so many people are negative about pessimists? A study reported in the Atlantic proves that being negative isn't so bad afterall:

Motivational speakers may tell you to believe in yourself, but if you want to do well in school, you may be better off taking a more pessimistic attitude toward your own abilities. In a report detailing the various things the U.S. can learn from the Chinese educational system about teaching math and science—including the importance of national curricular standards, better training of teachers, longer school years, and extra homework—comes the news that the U.S. lags far behind Asian nations in grade-school math and science scores. This gap, however, is not for want of student self-confidence: despite faring worse on a standardized eighth-grade science test than students in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea, American students are more than twice as likely as their peers in those countries to enjoy high “self-confidence” in their ability to learn science.

I do take comfort in a study that proves that being negative is a positive.



kaitlyn said...

Is it not pessimistic to think that pessimism is a negative thing? Conundrum!

Czobit said...

You're totally right. Hypocrites.