Monday, November 27, 2006

Concert Post

Whoa, It's Been a While Since I Had One of These

Last night: Jet at The Guvernment.

This was a rescheduled show that was supposed to happen the week of the band's new release "Shine On." For some reason, I skipped getting tickets to that one, but picked some up for last night's show.

After I bought the tickets, but before I went the show, I found out Jet apparently wasn't a great band to see live. A friend had seen Jet back when their first album was in style, and she said to expect a bad set.

But she did say that with a little experience, maybe Jet would be good. Last night, with a little experience, Jet was damn good.

I hadn't listened to either of the band's albums in more than a month, so their music wasn't fresh in my mind. At the concert, I tried to remember if I had ever liked Jet's music as much as I did last night. And that's probably the best thing I can say about Jet's more than 90 minutes on stage: the band's performance made me like them more than ever before.



kaitlyn said...

Yeah, I like Jet too.

You'll be happy to know that I booked my grad pictures for the week after reading week. I have left myself ample time for freaking out.

Czobit said...

Good, good. The fun part is freaking out.

matchuk said...

they still dont have shit on justin timberlake.....