Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Internship

Three Weeks Late, It Finally Starts

After three weeks of not doing much of what I was supposed to be doing on my internship, I thought the thing was a bust. A bust.

Maybe doing the internship at Canadian Press was a horrible mistake - the worst mistake I made this year. (Actually, I've written here before about the worst mistake I made this year.)

But on the 13th of November, the start of week four of my internship, I finally did what I came (back? - I never left) to CP to do: shoot video.

The small details that I shot video at my first ever press conference (the Hockey Hall of Fame inductee newser), got in my first media scrum (meet Mr. Patrick Roy), and actually felt like I accomplished something (even if I'm still a bad camera man), proved to me that staying at CP was the right decision. Today was a small step with a good result.

Besides, how many interns get to say they covered the biggest press conference in Toronto the first day on assignment on their internship?

(Okay, it was only a press conference. Get over it.)


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