Wednesday, December 06, 2006

$75 Mistake


Everyone knows that the job of the driving tester is to fail the driver. If a tester can find a reason to fail a driver, then pat-on-the-back, it's a job well done.

So when I made a dumbass, impatient mistake in my G test this morning, I knew I failed instantly. The mistake: making a right on a red when I should have waited a few more seconds.

The tester told me that he failed me for only that reason. The yellow sheet I got at the end barely had any mistakes checked off, with the exception of the giant fuck up I committed.

There went my $75, and here comes another god damn headache.

Considering I've spent less than 70 hours driving a car in the five years I've had my G1/G2 license, I shouldn't be surprised to fail my first attempt at the G. But considering I only made one mistake, I'm hating just a bit more than usual.



Laura said...

the g test can be a bitch.

my winning strategy? book it on your birthday, so they'd have to be a pretty evil monster to fail you... even though that doesn't much help you, since im assuming you're only taking the test because your g2 is expiring :P

Czobit said...

You're right; I wouldn't have bothered if my license wasn't to expire Dec. 19 (is this sentence grammatically correct?).

My next test is in January (earliest date available), so I have to go back and get a temp license, which makes this a bigger hastle than I wanted.

matchuk said...

fuck dude. i hope everything goes smoothly for you.

Kaitlyn said...

On the bright side, your mistake only cost 75 dollars. My brilliant airplane mishap has so far set me back almost 300 -- no social life for me this holiday!

Czobit said...

Perspective, yes: it's not so bad.

I hope you get some good tips at the Beep to make up for the flight mistake.