Monday, December 25, 2006

Absent Marks

The Obligatory Christmas Day Post

I thought maybe I had it all wrong: why would Ryerson, charming school it is, make its students Fall 2006 marks available on Christmas Day. But I checked the e-mail I had been sent a number times, and there it was: "Fall 2006 grades will be available via RAMSS at 8:00 am on Monday, December 25th."

Around noon, I checked. Nothing. No marks posted.

Around 20 minutes ago, I checked Publish or Perish, and saw Kerry had posted one of her marks. So, I checked RAMSS again. Nothing. No marks posted.

I read the rules again: "Please note that your grades will be withheld if you have any outstanding obligations to the University." I checked my account summary in RAMSS. I don't owe anything to Ryerson, but the school owes me some $220. A nice gift indeed, if I get it.

So, I'm clear of any "obligations" to Ryerson. What's the problem? Why no marks?

If I were to make a Christmas Day guess (and you only get to make these on Christmas Day), I would guess that the person who is to mark me, the marker we shall call her, has forgotten her deadline. So if the marker a.k.a. we know who I'm talking about forgot to do her job (ahem - again), then I have no marks to see until the marker does her job.

I hope this isn't the case, but it's the only plausible explanation that comes to me so late on Christmas Day.

Of the gifts I got none came from the online stream.



Kerry said...

Seriously, I'd file a complaint. The university has entered into a contract with its students by a) announcing that marks will be posted by a certain date and time and b) posting everyone else's marks.

Also, any complaints about all that other horrible stuff she did would probably be written off as being consistent with her "teaching style." This is a breach of university policy, and is probably one of the only things that can get a tenured professor into trouble.

Czobit said...

Your argument makes perfect sense.

When the school re-opens, I'll call the necessary people and figure out why I don't have my marks. If they don't have a better reason than your professor was late handing them in, I'll have no choice but to file a complaint.

kaitlyn said...

Have you gotten them yet?

Mine are there, despite the fact that I apparently owe Ryerson money, even though I paid my tuition in full.

Ryerson = ridiculous. Let's graduate already!

Czobit said...

I checked again; not there. I think Ryerson opens Jan. 3, so I'll have to call then.

I suspect that RAMSS doesn't know what it's talking about when it says you owe money and Ryerson owes me money. I'm sure that will be sorted out in usual slow Ryerson time.