Saturday, December 09, 2006

Coming Home

A Bunch of Incomplete Thoughts on a Return to the Old Desk

Tonight is my first night back at the CP online desk. In the last seven weeks, I've worked one shift here on the weekend. Everything is familiar and mostly unchanged.

There are new flatscreen monitors and there is a new copy send box, but those things aren't entirely different than what I left. The Leafs are losing, too.

I started tonight's shift bored almost instantly. I searched for gum from one of the four packages (is that too many?) I had in my bag. I'm chewing some now, and I hope the minutes move faster.

For some reason, I can't get "Albion" out of my head.

(Unliteral) Yawn.



matchuk said...

i know, the leafs losing never changes.


i gotta convert you one day czobit!

Laura said...

albion? id try harder to discover what youre talking about, but i dont have to sobreity forthat now. the only albion ive been across lately is one in the title of a book by david something or other that i used for my history paper. what now?

Czobit said...

Yes, I'm still HERE.

Can't convert me. I've tried.

"Albion" is an album track off of Pete (Whacked Out Drug Addict) Doherty's band, the Babyshambles. Is a good tune. Remind me to send it your way.

matchuk said...

man, whenever you come to your senses, and stop with that crack, u will realize the flames are the way to go. for god sakes man, any other team but the leafs...

Kerry said...

How long did it take you to get your grad photo proofs?

Czobit said...

After about 2.5 weeks, I got a link to the proofs through my Ryerson account. And I think about a week (maybe a bit more) after that, I got the package in the mail.