Saturday, December 02, 2006

Get Drunk

Drinks on the Union

I thought I had been drunk before. But I found out I hadn't been until last night. Oh, the boozing I did.

In attempt to get back some of my union dues this year, I decided to take up the Guild's offer to pay for my (and everyone's) drinks at the union-sponsored Christmas party. I went drink-for-drink with Tim: hard liquor with a few shots. By the time the student onliners decided to head to the second party that had started at a karoake bar a little further on Front Street, I was a staggering mess.

The other time I thought I had been drunk, I felt I could shake off the effects of the liquor. At the free drinks bar, I had only gone into a 'greatest hits' routine of Canadian Press insults. At the karoake bar, I was trapped, making consecutive dumb comments and probably coming off as a drunk-ass moron.

The moral of all of this (god, I hate this construction), is to make sure everyone else is as drunk as you, so they won't remember much. I think I might be in the clear.



Laura said...

hah hah, michael got drunk!!

alternative solution to making sure everyone else is as drunk as you are: make sure you're so far past them that there is no way they can assign you responsibility for your actions.

Czobit said...

Oh, yeah, that's a good alternative, too. Friday night, I was among a group of experienced drinkers: the foolish things I said or did were, for the most part, forgotten among the empty glasses.

matchuk said...
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matchuk said...

haha. speaking of drunk, dakins and i are gonna try and get gabe (no frills) smashed this year at the no frills party. he said hes going to drink, so we're gonna try to keep feeding him, lol...

btw, gabe said he wouldnt sell all his games/systems and never play a video game again for 25million dollars. what a fuckin loser.