Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hold On?

Recycling Old Issues

It seems almost ridiculous that someone so online-inclined (online journalism stream, online journalism jobs (I've held three), and online time-waster), that I'd have a hard time discarding old papery things, like magazines from two years ago.

Hell, it makes no sense when I know that the magazines I'm holding on to for some unknown future reference are being catalogued on more than one Internet database. And the beauty of these Internet databases are they are keyword searchable. If I remember a story I once read in some magazine two years ago (good luck), then I could type in a keyword and find the story (maybe). And you already knew that.

So why would I hold on these old magazines, sitting collecting dust? I'm not sure. But lately I've been trying to shrink the space my things occupy. I'm going for minimalism; making it possible to pack quickly and go. Go where? You tell me.

But if I've already dropped the old magazines in the gray box, I'll be a bit quicker in leaving.


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