Saturday, December 16, 2006

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It's Been A Week

My blog post drought has nothing to do with avoiding my blog, but everything to do with my laziness to come up with something worth writing about.

So, I've taken the easy way out, and decided to write about not writing. Isn't this the writer's cheapest way of writing?

I remember in first-year reporting (oh, "Yawn," right?), when at my most desperate moment, I considered making my final assignment, a column, about not having an idea to write.

I didn't write that shit column, but another: one about my hatred of GO Transit. That column, which today would probably be better (keyword: "probably"), was devoid of any wit and it had literary aspirations. It was stupid, and I misused a cliché -- misused a damn cliché.

Today, I'd say I'm a better writer than I was then. I'm a better blog writer than I was in February. I cringe at some of my previous posts. I'll cringe at this one.

But I'll survive, and come back to write something "new," something good, and I hope, something better than the last thing I wrote.


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