Sunday, December 24, 2006

Staying Awake

Christmas Eve Shift All About Not Getting Too Bored

Since I've got to work, I've read the Sunday New York Times, the New York Times Magazine, visited my approved links to the left, and am about to start in on the year-ender and year-starter New Yorker issue. Not bored yet, but that's because I'm becoming a professional at avoiding boredom when the only options are a) be bored and b) be bored eventually.

I walked through the PATH to work today: only homeless-looking folks and people drinking coffee. One person had a copy of the Toronto Sun, still Toronto's worst newspaper. On Friday, some friends and I saw an intentionally bad movie called "Eragon." How bad is the film? Consider: in print ads in the New York Times, "Eragon" quotes the Toronto Sun's good review. 'Nuff said, my friends.

The streets of Toronto looked empty until I stepped out of the alley I was in and saw the the big ones (King, Yonge, etc.) had some life.

It's Christmas Eve after all. And I have avoiding boredom to get back to.

Have a great Christmas, everyone.



Kerry said...

As someone who also had the Christmas Eve afternoon/evening shift, I can relate.

One would think that a day when a country declares war on a militant group harboured by a neighboring country would be more exciting. WRONG.

Czobit said...

Doesn't that happen on a bi-weekly basis?