Friday, January 26, 2007

4: 30 A.M.

The Last Of Those Wake Up Calls

Today, I woke at 4:30 a.m. for the last time in what I hope will be a long time. I had been filling in at the video desk at CP this week. The shift started at 7 a.m. In order to make the 6:19 train, I woke at a ridiculously early time.

The significance: despite going to a class three days that I woke up at 4:30 a.m., I have yet to fall asleep in class this semester. Three weeks, baby. Three weeks!

Now that I've jinxed myself...


The Rejection

Oh, I'm Heartbroken

About an hour ago, a representative from the Hamilton Spectator called and confirmed what I suspected: the paper will not be hiring me. If you consider that I told my interviewers more or less that I had no desire to write as a general reporter at a newspaper, can you say you're surprised?

In any event, yesterday, I accepted an offer to return to the Canadian Press in the summer.

Moving on.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's English

Taking the Easy Way Out

I gave up on the Feature writing class. Some of the reasons for dropping the course are, in no particular order, the similarity between the class and second-year feature writing, increased hours at work, and limiting the number of end-of-semester major features I have to write to one.

Instead, I've enrolled in the only English course available, Great Journalism. The first book, "Maximum City" by Suketu Mehta, is good enough. The professor, Randy Boyagoda, the author of "Governor of the Northern Province," is good enough. Of course, I'll have a better idea after I've spent more than one class with him.

I'm satisfied, which I couldn't say I was when I was in the freelance course.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cut Finger

What Do You Do When You Don't Know Where You Cut It

That sub-title looks weird above considering it has no words longer than five letters. Um, anyways...

Today, I cut my finger presumably in my Online reporting class, but I'm not sure.

I find it frustrating when I cut myself and fail to notice the where and the how of the event. I automatically consider the worst: that I've either cut my finger on a) a rusty nail or b) a used syringe. Of course, if I had actually cut my finger on a) a rusty nail or b) a used syringe, surely I would remember it.

In any event, the cut didn't hurt enough for it to register when it happened. If I start to have muscle spasms or my jaw locks, at least I'll know the source of my discomfort.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter Driving

Well, Why Not

If I had a marker near my calendar, I would have circled January 15 as the day I most dreaded/wanted to get over with/feared. Today, I had my final shot at getting my G license without starting from the beginning.

The forecast, which I usually never look at, said something about snow and freezing rain. I said something about, "Ha. No way that could be."

But as the weatherman said, the weather did, and it snowed and it rained. Probably not the best weather to take a G test, but I'm a seasoned winter driver. Of course, that's a lie, because in the five years I've had my license, I never drove in anything that would fit the loosest of definitions for "winter driving conditions."

But I wasn't too worried going into the test: it was only my last chance.

9 a.m.

The snow and slush still covered the roads. I took comfort in knowing that I had a built-in excuse for my story about failing my second G test.

The test, which is supposed to take not 39 minutes, took 40. I pulled back into the test centre parking lot, awkwardly parked, and heard two words (I think): "You passed."

Relief. Now to put away that G license and never look at it again.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Marks

Before I Forget: This Deserves Its Own Post

Seventeen days late, but I finally received my marks for last semester.

For the work I did, I'm disappointed. Next time, or this time, I'll remember to set my priorities in order of eventual importance.


Feature Writing

Returning To RCC 205

Tomorrow morning I have my last new class of the semester, Feature Writing. I was locked out of Radio Documentary because I didn't have the prerequisite. Now it's a return to RCC 205, Alex Gillis's old classroom.

Kerry gave the class a good review; I hope I'm not buried under a ton of assignments.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nine Pages

The Boredom Hits With A Knockout Blow

Ethics: Who needs them? O.K., I get the point that journalists are supposed to act like they reside always on the moral high ground, and blah. But an entire class devoted to ethics in fourth year? If this class is so important, why didn't we take it in first year?

I opened the ethics text for this course (there's another text for the law portion), and stayed awake. That shocked me. Then I read eight pages, and still, I was awake. I thought to myself: "I'm going to do this, I'm going to survive this horrible reading experience."

Page nine: Passed out, out cold, count to 10 because I was done. I recovered 15 minutes later to finish the first chapter. I have two more chapters to read ahead of next Tuesday's torture. By that time, I'm sure to be caught up with any outstanding sleep.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Final Thirteen

O.K., It's Technically The Final Fourteen If You Count Reading Week But I Thought "Thirteen" Sounded More Ominous, So I Went With That (An Official Giant Run-On Sentence Title®)

My introductions to two of my classes this final semester went somewhat smoothly. But cellphone etiquette may have upset one of my professors, but I hope the incident will fade away.

Going into the final semester, I'm watching three storylines:

1) After three-and-a-half years of putting forth little to no effort, will my lazy ways finally backfire?

2) Will I stay sleep-free during my lectures for an entire semester? (I'm two for two so far.)

3) Will I ever get my first semester marks?

All three of these could go either way; the second being the most unlikely. Actually, the way it's looking, the third could easily be the most unlikely.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Blogger Block

A Couple Of Grafs On Not Posting

Despite my free time, I haven't written anything at this blog since Christmas. I had something written for New Year's Eve, but decided to withhold it for a bit, and then I realized it was a garbage post that I wrote to show off how great a writer I think I am. But I'm not, not when I'm honest with myself.

I could blog about many different things, like I did before, but I find that when I do that, it leads to many forgettable and unfortunate posts. I want to delete that sentence, but I won't. I'll leave it here, and finish this paragraph. Press "Publish" and wait until I have something else, something other than not writing, to write about.

Forgive me.