Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter Driving

Well, Why Not

If I had a marker near my calendar, I would have circled January 15 as the day I most dreaded/wanted to get over with/feared. Today, I had my final shot at getting my G license without starting from the beginning.

The forecast, which I usually never look at, said something about snow and freezing rain. I said something about, "Ha. No way that could be."

But as the weatherman said, the weather did, and it snowed and it rained. Probably not the best weather to take a G test, but I'm a seasoned winter driver. Of course, that's a lie, because in the five years I've had my license, I never drove in anything that would fit the loosest of definitions for "winter driving conditions."

But I wasn't too worried going into the test: it was only my last chance.

9 a.m.

The snow and slush still covered the roads. I took comfort in knowing that I had a built-in excuse for my story about failing my second G test.

The test, which is supposed to take not 39 minutes, took 40. I pulled back into the test centre parking lot, awkwardly parked, and heard two words (I think): "You passed."

Relief. Now to put away that G license and never look at it again.



Laura said...

(til youre 80)

congrats, finally!

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matchuk said...

sweet man, congrats!