Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Resolution

Almost Two Months Late, Finally Some Direction

As we've all been busy breaking our New Year's resolutions, I've also been busy the last 51 days in search of a March resolution to commit to and then, break.

And I found one: "The A-List Workout"!

Back cover text:

Jessica Simpson's lean, long legs, Sheryl Crowe's sculpted arms, Angelina Jolie's, well, everything . . . What's the secret to these celebs' buff bodies? It's not genetics, and it's not luck: They work hard for their beautiful physiques under top Hollywood trainers, and now you can too!

I want lean, long legs, sculpted arms, and Angelina's Everything. This book will help me get it. But beyond those things, I'll learn these from this book:

* Set realistic, attainable goals to keep you motivated
* Design a fitness plan that fits in with your busy schedule
* Save money by using common household items for workouts
* Target a specific problem zone, such as your butt or thighs
* Begin an exercise program--even if you've never worked out before
* Follow a diet plan that won't leave you deprived

Yes! Yes! Everything I've ever wanted all in one diet/workout book. And it's only 256 pages! An easy Sunday afternoon read.

Come, join me on this life-changing journey before we quit on it without ever giving its destined-to-fail-completely-unrealistic-you-must-
be-out-of-your-god-damn-mind-put-down-the-tabloid strategies a chance!


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