Saturday, February 03, 2007

One Year

The Next Phase

I would have wrote this last night, but I was spending time with my sister; she was cashing her birthday present I gave her in November.

Last night, of course, marked a year since I started the Michael Czobit Blog.; now, the Czobit Blog. This is post #189.

The blog started as my third attempt to maintain a blog beyond a couple of months. And here I am, one year later, the Czobit Blog lives even if my posts have become infrequent.

Three days ago, I thought about writing this post. I thought it might be the last post here. The blog isn't bothersome, or "too big" -- the last time I checked the Site Meter, which was a bit of time ago, the visits per day were as infrequent as my posts. But people started to mention the blog to me: they knew what I had been thinking, saying, doing. I know: that's the point of a blog.

When a co-worker made a sarcastic remark about my blog, I thought, Maybe it's time to shut it down. I didn't write for his amusement; there are some people you wish never read your blog. And I suppose he could be reading this.

But I waited to make a decision on what to do. I considered starting a new one. This new one would not have my name in bold letters at the top. But then I'd be running from something I shouldn't bother to run from. Instead, I want to re-commit to the blog, and push it forward by doing some things I haven't done in my first 188 posts.

In those posts, I sometimes embarrassed myself; sometimes I wrote what I'd still stand by today.

In these next posts, I want to move away from what the blog mostly was. If the blog only becomes a forum to insult and ridicule, there really is no point. That's why I haven't posted as often as I did. Shooting the same target gets too easy, and you get lazy. I'll try being less lazy.


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