Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl

The Most Disappointing Game of the Year

Where was I last year on the first Sunday of February? In the CP newsroom watching the Super Bowl. That was the first time I had watched the annual, slow-paced game from start to finish. I had made other attempts, because that's what "guys" do, but I could never make it through the commercial interruptions.

I don't remember much from last year's game. I can't even name the team who won. I think Pittsburgh. Yes, O.K., the team did win. A guess.

This year, I find myself doing the same thing I did last year in the CP newsroom. Now, it's the Colts versus the Bears. I've always cheered the Bears when I've paid any attention to the NFL, so I hope they win. If they lose, I will go on with my life not caring much at all.

The game, which I expect to be awful, has been somewhat good so far. I'm writing this now, because I doubt I'll be able to write it after the network turns every small pause in the game into a commercial break.

You know what would be amazing: if I actually saw a Super Bowl game from start to finish that is recalled as a "classic." That would be amazing, because I don't think a Super Bowl could ever live up to all of its hype.



kaitlyn said...

but...but...what about Prince?

Czobit said...

Oh, I wrote that before Prince came on stage.

And after he did, the rest of the night went as expected ending in a predictable, boring, lop-sided conclusion.

Anonymous said...

you're not alone anyway, in not caring about the Super Bowl. i've watched a few in my life, but never in entirety.

I probably should have watched it for my internship's sake (at marketing magazine, they'll probably make a big deal of it, and i'll probably have to do more superbowl commercial stories...)

but... meh.

Anonymous said...

that was me, btw, eric a.

Czobit said...

Hey, Eric!

How's the internship coming along?

Anonymous said...

the internship is... well, OK. some days it's extremely dull and repetitive, but other days can actually (almost) be worth it.

the people here are nice and understanding, if not always profusely friendly. oh well.

the editor was fired/ousted/pushed/dumped today, and he's been at the mag since before i was born. it was quite the shocker. our mag was bought by rogers a couple years ago. apparently they've been ousting some senior staff at publications they've recently acquired. but no one was expecting it.


Czobit said...

Oh, that's what us journalist-types live for: newsroom chaos! Great you witnessed it.

When you're at the Ryersonian in two weeks, you'll more than long for the days of repetitive do-nothing at your internship; you'll crave the good days there even more.