Friday, March 09, 2007

Final Exam

The Last Day Is Set

On Thursday, April 19, I will have my final exam ever; this one is English 700. Sometime around 2 p.m. that afternoon I will cease to be a university student.

For a while, I will have to introduce myself like this: "Hi, my name is Michael Czobit. I'm a recovering journalism student."

(And for people who keep track of these things, this is post #200. I never thought I would stumble upon it.)



kaitlyn said...

I believe I am going to have to recover from being a journalism student for a very long time. Preferably in another country. With palm trees.

Laura said...

... kait, dude, 'palm trees' are so very far from being the defining characteristic of the mother country.

mike, dude, good job finally putting up a new post, and good job on the 200, and... i wish all o' y'all would quittit with the being done already.

Czobit said...


Imagine if I was posting at the rate I was when I started this thing? I'd be inching towards 400. But alas, I'm lazy.