Tuesday, March 20, 2007

iPod Dead

August 2005 to March 2007

This morning I dropped my iPod answering the question: "How many times can you drop your iPod before it dies?"

Despite its case, despite the fall being small, my iPod could not survive.

I spent about 20 minutes today considering options of how to replace it; but the cost seems too steep at this time. After all, I'm going to be unemployed at the end of August. Must save.



Anonymous said...

i got mine in june of 2005...

i've dropped it a few times, but it's got a rubbery skin so it's ok that way.

the battery has been dead for the past 5 months or so though. it wont go 2 hours before being completely drained, and that's a stretch. sometimes it dies only minutes after i've spent half a day charging, and it's done lots of wierd things. every day is a gamble.

- eric a

Nicole said...

When I was cruising over the holidays, I dropped mine in a bucket of water on the ship. Smaaaart. My brother tried to reset it by holding down the middle button and the menu button ... that might work?? Mine was too effed up to save, sadly, but Future Shop exchanged it for me ... because I just didn't know what was wrong with it!