Thursday, August 02, 2007

Concert Post

Silverchair @ The Phoenix, Aug. 1, 2007

I usually skip concerts at the Phoenix for a couple of reasons: one, the place is on the sketchy side in a sketchy neighbourhood; two, the washroom (yes, this is a huge consideration) is a filthy pit. Because I found it unlikely Silverchair would return to Toronto any time soon (this was their second show here in a few months), I had to put my distaste for the venue aside.

It's believed that Silverchair is an irrelevant band. That it's a group of Aussies who had a few hits in the mid-90s, and now found themselves writing songs not worth a listen. But the band's newest album (in Canada since last Tuesday), is proof to the contrary, that Silverchair has matured and found a sound in new, worth-listening-to style.

Their set at the Phoenix ran under 90 minutes, but was strong featuring some of their best tracks off the new album (I would have liked to hear them perform "Strange Behaviour"), some early grunge tracks (which I never heard before), and some of their bigger hits from earlier albums. The band closed their encore with an audience-inclusive performance of "Freak." Definitely worth the visit to the Phoenix.


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Kaitlyn said...

Would you believe that in four years of Toronto living, I never once made it to the Phoenix?

I feel like I've missed out on washrooms of a lifetime.