Monday, August 13, 2007

Premier League

The New Season

This past weekend the new English Premier League season began. Commentators have called the season the most anticipated in a long while. Normally I'd brush that off as typical pre-season hype, but in comparison to last year, people do seem more interested for the start of this season.

I would suggest that the difference stems from most fans anticipating last year that Chelsea would claim its third straight championship after the team had signed Andriy Shevchenko and Michael Ballack.

Both Sheva and Ballack were busts last year, Chelsea ran into injury problems, and Manchester United ended the season as champions. Man U deserved the trophy; the team played entertaining (i.e. attacking) football, and looked like a team that should be atop the Premier League table.

Man U's win proved Chelsea could be beat, and after a number of Premier League clubs went on spending sprees during this summer's transfer period, which is still open, the expectations of last year's also-rans have been lifted.

So we get to this weekend, which was fun to watch. My club (because I own it), Chelsea, won their first match, while Man U settled for a draw after the club lost Wayne Rooney to a broken foot. Rooney's injury, obviously, is great news. A bit morbid, but this is a sport and being morbid is permitted (not that I shy away from being morbid in 'life').

Chelsea goes for win number two on Wednesday.


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