Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Moving Pictures

Good and Assumed Awful

Last night I saw "Michael Clayton." The good reviews were right, especially what David Denby wrote in his review in the New Yorker a few weeks ago that the dialogue is especially strong and enjoyable in the film.

Before the film I saw two trailers of note because of how awful they look. The first is a type of geriatric buddy film starring Jack Nicholson as "Jack Nicholson" and Morgan Freeman as "Somebodywhoknows" in "The Bucket List." Can there really be audience for this boredom?

The other film is the type of vanity project Oscar winners are allowed to make. This time it's Hillary Swank in a movie that will surely be called a "chic flick" and surely be as awful as that label suggests. The title has the added of significance as doubling as the reason why no person should see the film called "P.S. I Love You." (I can't find a link to the trailer; be thankful.)

Both of those Assumed Awfuls are out on Christmas Day giving another reason to stay home with your family.


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