Monday, October 29, 2007

October Music

First, The Concert Post-Part

October was a good month for concerts. On three successive Mondays I had the pleasure to take in Against Me!, Hot Hot Heat, and Spoon. If I paid, which I did, you can guess I liked the music. Performance-wise, I would lean towards Spoon or Against Me! but that's mostly because Hot Hot Heat played on Thanksgiving Monday and only a small crowd took in the show and lessened the club show atmosphere.

Last Friday I took in my last October concert -- a Matt Good acoustic set at Massey Hall. Good's more-than-two-hour-set and double encore made the show the best of October. Sure, his music can be a bit depressing but it's fantastic live. And he has a bit of a stand-up streak between songs.

New CDs


That should be enough, but some people don't like the album, which is fine that they do but they are wrong. Also wrong: disliking the band and still wanting to download the album presumably to be part of their no-label choice. Also dumb: complaining that you have to pay first before you can download the music -- that's generally how transactions work on the Internet. Pay then gut stuff.

Serj Tankian. Good, good album and it warmed me to his band's stuff, too. Should have liked them sooner.

Babyshambles. Enjoyable but it also whispers "holding pattern."

All I can think of now. I've heard more this month.


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