Monday, October 29, 2007

Risk Aversion

Do You Roll?

I asked myself today: Have I ever taken a real risk in life?

Some people say, Getting up in the morning is taking a risk. These people do not take risks.

I'm talking Risk -- the kind if you fail, you're fucked. That kind. And I can't remember ever taking that kind of risk, putting it all on one colour, one number and not crossing my fingers, because after all, that's superstitious bullshit that gets you from A to Nothing.

I've never heard the rattle of the die. I've never flipped the coin and said, This is final. Have you?

My point: Most successful people say they took a risk before they succeeded; some took risks and failed before they took another with a better outcome. Most successful people say this to make every shabby loser, such as myself, feel inadequate. I don't have the balls to go for it all. Critics are saying this about Barack Obama's presidential bid; he wants it but not enough to get covered in It. So what to do? Suck it up? Hold my breathe and step off?

Huh? How many clich├ęs about success can one take?

One more, two more, three...



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