Saturday, December 29, 2007

Goalie Trouble

For the Leafs and the Sens

Oh, it seemed not long ago that Leafs fans were saying (or I was saying) that Vesa Toskala, the goaltender the team traded for in the off-season, was a bust. He played poorly to start the season, but rebounded recently, found his form (somewhat; at times he's been suspect), and became the Leafs's No. 1 goalie.

Then he got injured a couple of games ago, and Leafs fans should be worried about the alternative: Andrew Raycroft. Raycroft says he feels more confident going into tonight's game, but that doesn't mean he gives his team confidence. Raycroft was a serial soft-goal offender, finding ways to bury his team by letting shots in that could cause a fan to convulse from disgust.

Leafs fans long for Toskala's return. He's not the saviour as advertised in the summer, but he's better than the guy wearing No. 1.


Also, it appears prima donna goaltender Ray Emery is upset with his team, the Ottawa Senators.


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