Wednesday, December 12, 2007

iTunes TV

Was I Sleeping When This Happened?

I was wasting time on iTunes, just browsing, when I came upon a link for CBC's "Little Mosque on the Prairie." I clicked it expecting to be shuffled off to some bizarre "Little Mosque" podcast, but instead I arrived at a page where I could buy episodes of the show. A first, you see, because I didn't think Canadians could buy TV episodes on iTunes.

I did a bit more exploring (use of this word in this context is an insult to actual explorers, but they're not reading so...) and found that on Canada's iTunes, the following TV can be bought for $1.99:

  • "The Sarah Silverman Program"
  • "Drawn Together"
  • "Stanley Cup Classics"
  • "No Opportunity Wasted"
  • "South Park"
  • "Instant Star"
  • "The Rick Mercer Report"
  • "The Hills"
  • "Corner Gas"
  • "Dragon's Den"
  • "Robson Arms"
  • "Degrassi: The Next Generation"
I have no interest in the initial offering of programs as I don't watch any of them (I watched the first season of Silverman's show but wasn't impressed). But it's good to see that we're finally getting the option in Canada to watch TV through iTunes. Offer some stronger American programs, and I just might click 'Buy Episode.'



Kerry said...

What I do NOT understand is the decision to offer NHL games on iTunes.

Once the game is over, it's over. I never understood people who want to watch a game that's already happened. If you're watching it live, good for you. If you don't see it happen, check the paper or the internet for the score. But seriously, don't watch an entire game that's over. It's not like a TV show or a movie. You don't get any enjoyment out of something where the only real interesting part was the outcome.

People. *scoffs*

Czobit said...

I agree. The games on sale at iTunes are for nostalgic fans who have far too much time to live in the past.