Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Miscellany

So Much To T. About in the Times

First, I noticed in both the NYTBR's notables lists (Top 100 and Children's) that comics are listed. I doubt this is the first time its happened (because if it was, maybe people would make a bigger deal of it) but it's nice to see that at least at the Times, comics aren't being categorized apart from traditional literature.

Also today the Times had a story that was covered a bit in a Quillblog post in May about comic publishers releasing often gorgeous (do I use that word?) comic collections.

Another thing to read, this time from the NYT magazine, William Safire's gift suggestions for "Bibliogifts."

In yesterday's Times (do I only read the Times?), Frank Rich made the argument for Barrack Obama to be the Democrats choice for president, and his reasoning is persuasive. I like Clinton, and would like to see a woman president, but I wonder whether she's the right choice to win the presidency. And sure, I'm in Canada, but only a fool would think we all don't have a reason to care about next year's U.S. presidential election.


That's all.


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