Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Schizophrenic Journalism

Following Up Iran with the Leafs

Last week after the Toronto Maple Leafs lost in a shoot-out against the Montreal Canadians, the accepted version of reality for the Leafs was it was still a team stuck in misery.

Two wins later, and the Leafs, who are still below .500, are "on a roll."

Some might say this is Toronto, this is the Maple Leafs: it's O.K. to write one thing and then less than seven days later write the exact opposite. After all, the Leafs are playing better and it's not wrong for journalism to reflect the present.

But tolerating this schizophrenic journalism that does nothing but undermine all journalism is a mistake. I have the belief that when journalists provide opinions, which happens more often in sports writing, they should be conservative.


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