Tuesday, January 08, 2008

For Resolutions

It's Time to Change Our Lives

Perhaps there is no more popular an activity post-Winter holiday then to make a list of resolutions that will eventually all be ignored and broken by mid-February. Or, if we are vigilant, mid-March.

How to we stop this cycle of making and breaking resolutions? One option is to do what I do: don't make any resolutions. Another option is to turn to inspirational phrases, words on their own that mean nothing, but together, stringed together half-coherently, mean even les-- er, mean so much.

But where can I find these motivational phrases? I found some at a local gym. Each of the trainers at this gym have a biography posted that boasts of irrelevant certificates. At the bottom, each offered an inspirational phrase or two. I present them here, unedited and filled with hope-making spirit:

  • "Nothing worth doing is easy."
  • "Don't think, just do."
  • "Life is only as good as you make it." (x2)
  • "It's only heavy."
  • "Our body and health are a reflection of how we feel about ourselves."
  • "Never regret anything you had to work hard for."
  • "Common [sic] you can do it."

Fuck, I'm inspired.


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