Friday, January 04, 2008

"L&O" London?

An English-Speaking "Law & Order" Outside of New York

From the Times:

Britain could soon hear the sound, familiar to “Law & Order” fans, of “dun-dun.” NBC Universal is close to signing a pact with a British production company to create a version of the long-running New York drama that would be set in London. Kudos Film and Television intends to produce the series for the British network ITV. Stephen Garrett, a managing director of Kudos, said he was in advanced talks to license the rights to the series. Variations of “Law & Order” are already produced in Russia and France, but the British show would be the first foreign English-language version of the NBC original. If a deal is signed, Kudos will start production in the summer, Mr. Garrett said.

If that show does happen, and the episodes are shown in North America, it might breath new life into the franchise.

Coincidentally, I managed to watch Wednesday the first two episodes of the new season of the original "Law & Order," which did well in ratings in the U.S. (considering its competition, "L & O" should hope to win during the writers strike). This new season is supposed to rejuvenate the series with a new D.A., and a new detective played by Jeremy Sisto of "Six Feet Under."

I write "of 'Six Feet Under'" because I can't get the character he played on that show out of my head; Sisto is better as a villain or at least as a creepy figure than a good detective. In the first episode Wednesday Sisto appeared incomfortable in the role. He was better in the second episode but I'm not convinced he'll last beyond a season.

Overall, "Law & Order" is tame in comparison to its cable competitors, "The Wire" and "The Shield." "L & O" is a decent way to waste an hour, but missing it is not a big deal.


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