Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Science Fiction

Some Ramblings

An interesting post at Gawker today (via the blog io9) about science fiction in the New Yorker magazine. Turns out there hasn't been much.

I'm not surprised. In fact, I'm surprised there have been any sci-fi short fiction published in the New Yorker. "The magazine has only published one SF story over the past decade, when the genre has supposedly been amassing tons of literary prestige," blogger Charlie Anders writes.

Below Anders's post is a notable reader comment: "Science fiction novels have gained more prestige, as long as we all pretend they're not science fiction, or else treat the author like a daring genius for dabbling in the cesspool and drawing out an Oprah Book Club Pick." The reader referring to Cormac McCarthy's "The Road," a fantastic novel that enjoys an audience of elitist readers who wouldn't dare call it science fiction.

I don't read many science fiction or fantasy novels, and I'm not sure why. I know of strong ones that I plan to read. But I'm not opposed to science fiction, nor am I afraid of embracing it as a genre. The fact is I watch television and movies that is considered science fiction. And maybe doing that is more palatable for some.

Along these lines, one show that is clearly science fiction that doesn't suffer from any of its stigmas is "Lost," which returns this Thursday. I hope this season picks up the momentum the show had in last season's final episodes. I never gave up on the show, even during its trying episodes.

I'll be watching, even it's called sci-fi.


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