Friday, January 04, 2008

Vitamin B12

Clemens Admits Injections -- Just Not the Illegal Variety

From the Times:

In a “60 Minutes” interview that will be shown on CBS on Sunday night, the former Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens admits that he received injections from his former personal trainer, Brian McNamee. But he says that the injections were of the painkiller lidocaine and vitamin B12 — not steroids or human growth hormone, as McNamee alleged in the Mitchell report released last month.

This is a real surprise. Yeah.

Doctor and New Yorker contributor Jerome Groopman talked about the injections Clemens claims he received:

In a telephone interview Thursday, Dr. Jerome Groopman, a hematologist and professor at Harvard Medical School, described lidocaine as a common local anesthetic whose injectable form would probably require a prescription. Groopman said that vitamin B12, which does not require a prescription, is administered to patients with a serious deficiency of the vitamin, usually the elderly, and that its value as an energy enhancer was “an urban legend.”

“For someone like Roger Clemens, who certainly looks robust, the likelihood that he would be deficient in vitamin B12 is a stretch,” Groopman said, noting that he had not seen Clemens’s medical records. “It would have no physiological effect. It would only have a placebo effect.”

With athletes like Clemens espousing vitamin B12 supplementation, I should look into buying stock in this wonder drug.


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