Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wolfe Moves

A Switch in Publishers

Tom Wolfe's new novel, "Back to Blood," won't be published until next year, but the book is already making news as Wolfe

has severed his 42-year relationship with Farrar, Straus & Giroux and agreed to sell the rights to publish his next novel, to be set in Miami, to Little, Brown & Company. People involved in the negotiations said on Wednesday that Mr. Wolfe’s advance for the new book was close to $7 million.

If I remember correctly, Wolfe said after publishing "I Am Charlotte Simmons" his next book would be non-fiction, but that's changed. Apparently it was the "Simmons" novel's failure to sell like Wolfe's earlier novels that precipitated the end of the publishing relationship.

Speaking of books that I have waiting on my shelf, Wolfe's "Simmons" is one of them. I believe I bought the hardcover at the bargain price of $10 -- always a sign expectations have not been met. I'll get to it sometime...


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