Saturday, February 09, 2008

'Doctor Horror'

Lesson: Never Cut Clippings If You're A Wanted Criminal

Thursday, Dr. Amit Kumar, better known as "Doctor Horror," a Brampton resident accused of being behind a large kidney-trafficking ring was arrested in Nepal.

But Kumar's freedom may have lasted longer had he been able to resist indulging in his press:

According to the Himalayan Times, Kumar and a Nepalese associate identified as Manish Singh checked into The Hotel Wildlife Camp under Singh's name, and were assigned room 6 at the resort, renowned for nature safaris.

Wearing a hat and sunglasses, Kumar apparently asked for a copy of the English daily, which carried a front-page story of the global manhunt for him, then minutes later, returned it to the front desk with the article cut out.

Suspicious of such behaviour, the clerk alerted Nepalese police who stormed the room and arrested Kumar without incident. Singh, however, managed to escape.

Despite this incredibly moronic blunder, Kumar didn't look too upset:

Hey, we all make mistakes, right? Doesn't mean we can't laugh and smile about them.


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