Saturday, February 09, 2008

Four More

Another Term? Right...

Yesterday, U.S. President Bush sought to unite the Republican party in a speech seeking unity between its members to support John McCain as the party's presidential candidate. Bush never spoke McCain's name, but it was in his subtext. What was interesting was the chants heard when Bush entered the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington:

Although deeply unpopular, with an approval rating at historic lows below 30 percent, Mr. Bush still enjoys strong support among conservatives like those who gathered to hear him speak on Friday.

“Four more years,” the audience chanted
after Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader, introduced him, and again during his speech. The crowd roared, too, when Mr. Bush declared Mr. Cheney “the best vice president in history”...

Are these people delusional? Bush's presidency is considered already to be one of the greatest failures in U.S. history. The list of problems he created and the time it will take to reverse them is staggering.

Four more years? They must really want the U.S. to irreversibly lose whatever respect it has left in the international community.


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Kerry said...

I kind of get partisan glee making people do silly things, but you would think people who backed the man in 2000 and 2004 would be aware of the amendment to the U.S. constitution that prohibits him from seeking a third term and would therefore not chant "four more years" a) in the midst of the Republican primaries and b) on national television.