Saturday, February 09, 2008

Homework Overload

Next Time Conduct This Study While I'm Still In School

The Star's front-page today featured a report on a study that concludes "Homework is of little benefit to students from junior kindergarten to Grade 6, say the authors of a just-released Canadian study, who also found it is often the source of stress and burnout in children, as well the cause of conflict – even marital stress – for many families."

Most parents and students will be dumbfounded to find that it took a study to determine what they've known for quite some time.

In the article, one of the parents interviewed said she believed her children would benefit from more time to play and read. I can't argue with that. While the study focused on kindergarten to Grade 6, I say that high school students would also benefit with more free time to read.

Of course a cynic would argue that cutting back homework time would lead kids to waste more time on the Internet or join a gang. But if kids and teenagers were given viable extracurricular options, then those problems wouldn't develop.

Six hours of school, plus two to three hours (in my experience) of homework is far too much if you want to foster students who will seek education throughout their lives.


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