Saturday, February 09, 2008

"Lost " 4.2

The Summary

Through the magic of links, I present a summary of what was learned in the second episode of "Lost"'s season four:

* Hurley can see Jacob/Christian's cabin, too, a fact which disturbs Ben and pleases Locke.
* Somebody went through a lot of expense and trouble to fake a wreck of Flight 815.
* In the past, there was at least one polar bear wandering the Tunisian desert in a Dharma Initiative collar. (A time travel experiment? Evidence of multiple Dharma locations?)
* Ben's smart mouth is going to get him killed.
* Sawyer, of course, has the best line of the night: "Taller? Like a giant?" I also loved his reference to Locke as Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now's Colonel Kurtz.
* also complains that Claire isn't mourning enough. Just because she isn't sitting on the beach in a catatonic state for a days on end, a la Rose, doesn't mean she's not grieving. And I, for one, don't need a soap opera storyline about Claire's sorrow.
* Ah, Naomi. You understood Murphy's law but your boss didn't, and now there's a dysfunctional rescue team running around the island without your guidance (unless you turn out to be one of the undead).
* Ben's mole on the freighter? Odds are on Michael.



Laura said...

ooh, didn't even think bens guy could be michael. good one. but wait, what happened with him again? he got to take the boat on the day of the purple noise, right?

i was also a fan of the kurtz ref - very john cook of them, heh.

a friend of mine had a theory that the oceanic 6 were those who could see the cabin, but sayid blew that one out of the water. who's he working for? maybe he's been assigned to kill off everyone associated with/ everyone who knows about the island so that they can go back and not get harassed... or something.

Czobit said...

Hey Laura, did you see the entire third episode? The answer to who Sayid is working for was a nice twist.