Saturday, February 02, 2008

Super Bowl

Will This Be The Year I'm Not Bored?

Once again I'll be at the desk at work primarily keeping an eye on the Super Bowl; this year it's (you know this, no?) the New York Giants against the undefeated New England Patriots. In past years, the Super Bowl has lived up to its over-hyped, stale, awful game reputation. This year, I hope for something better.

Because I have no home team that I would default cheer for (although, that may change soon), I'm free to jump on any NFL team's bandwagon. I'm pulling for a Patriots victory because I don't think I'll ever witness another team to win every game in the regular season and the playoffs. The Giants story, if they won, isn't nearly as compelling (Eli Manning, brother of Peyton who beat New England in last season's Super Bowl, prevents the Patriots from the greatest season in NFL history).

Regardless who wins, I hope the game is a close, high-scoring match that lives up to the hype of Super Bowl rather than being the game played between commercials.


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