Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour

Come On, Let's All Feel Warm Inside

If you picked up today's Saturday Star, then you were lambasted as I was with reminders that tonight, between 8 and 9 p.m. ET, it is Earth Hour.

Instead of making me excited about the event, the Star's decision to run a front-page article that tied into Earth Hour in nearly all of its sections left me puzzled. It's not that I read the Star to find out the news; I read newspapers to do that. But it'd be nice if the Star would have taken away less space from its "articles" and played down the significance of this event because really, it's complete crap.

Earth Hour is for people to feel self-righteous. They shut off their lights for an hour, and wham!: They're helping out the environment.


No, not really. Choosing to go powerless for a single hour on a single day is the type of stupid event that allows the oilman to feel good about himself when he says his favourite movie is An Inconvenient Truth. The truth is that the other 8,759 hours each year most people spend not giving a shit about the environment renders Earth Hour all but meaningless. A platitude with a nice ad campaign.

What will I be doing during Earth Hour? Because I'm against this self-congratulatory act for doing the bear minimum, I really have no other choice but to leave my lights on, let my faucets run, and because the two gasoline canisters I filled last night seemed to have gone flat (gasoline is carbonated, right?), I'll be pouring those down the sewer drain.

At least when my Earth Hour is over, I won't have delusions that I've changed the world for the better.


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