Friday, March 14, 2008

SNL Bias

"Saturday Night Live" Turns More Pathetic Denying an Obvious Pro-Clinton Bias

In yesterday's Times, Lorne Michaels, the producer of "Saturday Night Live," denied the accusation the show holds a pro-Hillary Clinton bias. Michaels assertion suggests he doesn't watch his own show.

Video Evidence A. The first Democratic debate:

Video Evidence B. Another Democratic debate:

Video Evidence C. Tina Fey's editorial:

Video Evidence D. The "Obama Files":

Video Evidence E. Hillary Clinton's appearance on the show:

I don't think "SNL" is biased in favour of Clinton because the show's writers and producers do not like Barrack Obama (he too appeared on the show last November). I think the show is biased in favour of Clinton for comedic reasons. Amy Poehler's Clinton impression is dead-on while Fred Armisen's Obama is, like most of Armisen's work, awful, off-the-mark and regrettable to watch.

It makes sense for "SNL" to pull for a Clinton win: Who wants to see four years of Armisen's Obama?


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