Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Times

Some Links

Yes, yes, some links from today's New York Times. But before that...

Funny how this so-called paper of record didn't mention Earth Hour...

It really needs an overhaul of its philosophy for news. When many large corporations sponsor an event, you should cover it to an embarrassing level. It sells papers, and warms the hearts of readers.

OK, enough of that.

The links:

  • The 87-year-old artist of Mad magazine's back page fold-ins is profiled. The best part is the online feature that allows you to fold 23 illustrations. Really, it's awesome. (And I use "awesome" sparingly.)

  • See the first bullet: Really, that fold-in feature is awesome!

  • I always read Frank Rich's Sunday column. Rich takes down Hillary Clinton, who he doesn't care for as the Democratic Party's nominee, for her "Bosnia fairy tale" story (hmm, Bill Clinton didn't call Barack Obama's stand against invading Iraq a fairy tale, did he?).
What's particularly good is that Rich brings up Clinton picking a campaign song that was "an Air Canada advertising jingle sung by Celine Dion."

And the video evidence from Bosnia, here for your enjoyment:


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