Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"Vantage Point"

"Ugh..." with Vomit

Last night I saw "Vantage Point," a movie directed by Pete Travis ("Should Be Unemployed in the Future") and written by Barry Levy ("I'm a Hack"). The film is about a group of terrorists who kidnap the President of the United States. The gimmick of the movie is that at the start of each scene, the 'clock' on the story is reset to the beginning. The audience endures every moronic twist and cruddy line ("Oh, my god!" is used at least three times; "Jesus Christ!" at least once) again, and painfully again.

"Vantage Point" is the kind of bad movie where you wonder if it were not an American production, and was somehow produced in an oppressive society, would the movie's filmmakers be gathered and shot after its release into theatres. It is that bad.

"Vantage Point" has several problems other than the ones I have already mentioned:
  • in order to give the film a realistic, insider feel, the screenwriter completed barely-surface-scratching research on the Internet (at one point Dennis Quaid refers to the President as 'POTUS' as if the audience should give the film points for using this well known abbreviation);
  • the acting is horrendous (see Quaid and Matthew Fox's performances - one is plain awful, the other seems to be playing Dr. Jack Shephard);
  • the character who kidnaps the President only does so because his brother is being held hostage - the message being that no person would actually commit this crime unless he was being forced;
  • Forest Whitaker - just everything about him in this movie;
  • the number of time inconsistencies and the lack of logic overwhelm intelligent audience members to make them want to vomit.
At the end of "Vantage Point," the President is saved. Shit, did I just purposely give away the ending, giving you no reason to see this dreck? I hope so.

But I should add: the ending I gave is the one my friend and I chose when we walked out on "Vantage Point." There was probably some twist at the real end, like the handing out of medals.


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