Friday, April 04, 2008

Commuting 040408

The First in a Series of Rants

One thing that annoys me during my commute, which includes GO Transit (Old Unreliable) and the TTC (Please We Deserve More) are the people who read the free dailies and think they are of a special breed because they ingest small morsels of news, hardly worthy of the classification 'article.' I approve of people wanting to know the news, but let's not confuse Metro with The News. And 24 is really the Toronto Sun minus the sex ads in the back (even their website links off to the Sun).

Earlier this week, I was getting on the GO at my morning stop. I stepped into the train, at stood near the door as there were no seats available. A woman came up behind me, said, "Excuse me." Before I had chance to move, she shoved her way past me, pushing me with what as her shield: a copy of Metro.

Somehow she found a seat, and began to read her "newspaper" as if it were the most fascinating of documents.

This gives me another reason to detest free daily enthusiasts. It's tenuous, I know, but who's policing my assailable grudges?



Kerry said...

Did you see the Eyeopener Metro parody?

Czobit said...

No. Is it up online?