Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Commuting 043008

Buying TTC Tokens at Bay Station

I approached the ticket booth: Could I please have twenty tokens?

I pushed my money towards the ticket seller, and it started to blow away. Without hesitation, Ms. TicketSeller began swearing at me for pushing my money towards her. I wasn't cognizant she was counting money at the time of request.

You may say: Michael, that's insane. A TTC ticket seller swearing at you. You should file a complaint to be promptly ignored.

I would say: Ignorant fool, don't you see that I'm completely at fault here?

TTC employees work in the harshest of environments. Toronto is beginning to resemble Fallujah, circa December 2004. The two twenties and tenner I gave Ms. TicketSeller was a threat to her safety as soon as it went airborne. If I hadn't been shocked at the time of Ms. TicketSeller's profane outburst, I would have apologized.

However good has come out of this unpleasant event. I've learned an important lesson: TTC workers deserve to be treated better. After all, their professional and courteous manner is an example for the rest of us heathens.


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