Monday, April 28, 2008

Early Reviews

Will Iron Man be as Bad as I Predicted?

Two early reviews of Iron Man have been published. The film is released this Friday.

The first review, from Variety, like it:
Snapping off lines as crisply as Bugs Bunny might bite into a carrot, the sculpture-bearded Downey invigorates the entire proceedings in a way no other actor ever has in this field. Initially conveying Tony's Matt Helm lifestyle as if it's second nature, Downey possesses a one-of-a-kind intensity that perfectly serves the character's second-act drive and obstinacy. His Achilles' heel is his heart, at first threatened by shrapnel and later central to his superpower and his submerged romantic relationship with ever-loyal assistant Pepper Potts, who Gwyneth Paltrow, in an unexpected casting move, endows with smarts and appeal.
The second, from CBR, liked it, too:
Favreau, a director whose previous credits have included “Swingers,” “Elf,” and “Zathura,” has created in “Iron Man” a successful blend of indie wit and blockbuster action. With exactly the right cast, a strong team of writers, and top-notch special effects which serve the story rather than simple spectacle, “Iron Man” is a shiny golden example of how to do a superhero movie.

OK, maybe I'll see it. Maybe.


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