Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nickle Strike

Let's Hold 1.5 Million People Hostage

One issue preventing an agreement between the TTC and its union of workers is a pay raise. Do TTC employees deserve a raise? No, of course not.

Since their last contract agreement, I've seen no improvement in service. That doesn't mean TTC employees do a poor job; they're just the same group of good, bad and absolute shit people they always have been. But the whole lot of them can be described as fucking crazy if they strike Monday for one of these:

Just as fucking crazy is the TTC if they don't give their workers that raise (the union has more demands, but the raise is the most prominent, probably because the idea of not giving it is incomprehensible).

And after you give the TTC workers a raise, pass legislation so they can't make threats on such frivolous desires again.


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