Sunday, April 20, 2008

Owed Apology

Because I Hate the Sens

At this point I should let the Senators Spartan entrance debacle die, but no, no, I won't.

Michael Farber on TSN's The Reporters:

My thumb is down, and thrown to the lions to the centurion who showed up to Game 3 in Ottawa. What an idea! This is a bad year in the nation's capital - bad coaching decision, bad GM, bad goaltending, now a really bad marketing ploy. Fortunately he didn't show up for Game 4, neither of course did the Senators. This franchise began long ago with an apology by general manager Mel Bridgman at the first expansion draft. Now it's Eugene Melnyk's turn. Ottawa should apologize.
It's unanimous, the Sens should be ashamed.


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