Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Playoff Picks

Czobit's First Round Prognostications AKA First Round WTF?s

So, let's just get to the picks:

Eastern Conference

Montreal vs. Boston: Easy. Montreal wins. Even I'm not that biased against the Habs.

Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh: If Crosby was healthy, Pittsburgh could have been the best in the league. They'll send the Sens away/

Washington vs. Philadelphia: One of the hottest teams going in (I really didn't look at any statistics, so they may have been the hottest), Washington beats Philly.

New York Rangers vs. New Jersey: This one is a toss-up until you remember that Brodeur plays for the Devils, who will win.

Western Conference

Detroit vs. Nashville: Detroit doesn't choke until the second round.

San Jose vs. Calgary: Calgary grinds out this series, and San Jose continues to under-perform in the playoffs.

Colorado vs. Minnesota: Colorado wins.

Anaheim vs. Dallas: Since I think Anaheim has the best chance to win the Cup, I don't have much choice but to pick the Ducks to win.

Did I get them wrong? Wait a week or two to find out.



Kerry said...

I think Don Cherry is the only person in the universe calling Bruins vs. Habs for Boston, and I honestly think it's only because he can't very well go on TV and announce that the team he used to coach is going to get pwned. Even his rationale — that Boston lost every regular-season game it played against Montreal and is therefore "due" — is crazy.

Czobit said...

Heh, I didn't hear about Cherry's pick, but this is the guy who will say good things about the Leafs when it's clear they're awful. Bruins are fortunate to be in the playoffs anyways.