Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ticket Scandal?

The Star Hits Its Low Standards Again

Last Saturday, the Star was transformed into a glorified paid advertising supplement. This week the "newspaper" continued its descent into low-quality news coverage with a front-page article about a "ticket scandal" inside Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment.

Having a story about a ticket scandal involving the company that owns the Toronto Maple Leafs is a story that should sell papers. And that's the reason the Star's editors put the story on their increasingly irrelevant front-page.

It's a shame though that nowhere in the story can the reader find an explanation of the ticket scandal. We only learn that an MLSE executive resigned and some staff were fired. The final paragraph references an earlier scandal that involved scalping, so perhaps that's what happened. But that's a guess.

If the Star couldn't provide details because legal reasons or it simply didn't know, then the story should have been held. Instead, the Star shamelessly printed a story that discredits the writer, Rick Westhead, as a journalist reporting nothing but the vaguest of details. Westhead is a better journalist than this embarrassment suggests, and it's a shame the Star had to go as low as it did in attempt to sell newspapers.

Maybe someone should check the financial info of Torstar.

And if this garbage wasn't enough, yesterday the Star published Antonia Zerbisias's column about Hillary Clinton's "real crime" of not knowing her place. Zerbisias correctly says that Clinton has received unfair criticism, but the subtext of the column is that this unfair treatment somehow validates Clinton's claim to be the Democrat's nominee. Yes, let's just forget that among the remaining candidates, Clinton has carried out the dirtiest campaign, and shown a repugnant side of her character.

I'm not saying the Star should have censored Zerbisias's column, but I'm not saying it's not more trash from this fading newspaper.


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